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Etna E-Bike Tours

 Etna E-Bike Tours

Etna E-MTB Tours – Basic and Advanced, is the E-MTB tour two in one, able to satisfy everyone’s needs, born from our desire to donate moments of relaxation on the Etna volcano.

 Etna E-Bike Tours

Excursion with E-BIKE (electric MTB).

Excursion in E-Mountain Bike on Etna, lasting 2 hours (approximately).

Unique landscapes and paths that are never banal, make this E-MTB tour suitable for all people who want an e-bike path on the Etna volcano, rich in landscapes and indelible memories.

The careful selection of trails by our technical manager, allows us to offer them to less experienced cyclists, with the possibility of adapting them to different technical/physical capacities, and thanks help of E-Bikes, everything is made even easier.

We of  Sicily Bike Tourist Service, thanks to our many years of experience in the tourist sector on bike, have deliberately chosen to give two options at a single price.

In fact, even if you book the Basic version, based on your technical and physical abilities, you will have the possibility to continue and transform the tour in E-MTB… in Advanced, at no additional cost.

If you want a simple mountain bike excursion that doesn’t necessarily put you to the test, the Basic version is the tour for you.

If you want something more than just a walk, or you simply want to dare more… we will know what to you offer, in fact once you arrive at the Galvarina Hut, the guide in charge of the service will be able to suggest, without any additional cost, to transform the Basic version, in Advanced, with a loop ride around the south-west side of the Etna volcano.

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