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Etna and Mountain Bike, unique combination.
Etna Mountain Bike Tour, MTB excursion on the Altomontana (Etna south/west about 2.000mt), with a visit to the cave of Nunziata Mount .
From Piano Vetore (Etna South about 1700mt) we will head in MTB along a path “off road” easy and with few technical and physical difficulties, called Pista Altomontana. We will guide you in one of the most “unique” scenarios of our beloved Etna, with stops at Galvarina Hut (1879mt) and Palestra Mount (1917mt), then continue the tour also passing by the famous Pagghiaru (hut once used as shelter for the shepherds of the area). The tour will continue until the cave of Mount Nunziata(1803mt) formed after the eruption of 1843, whose entrance is a steep slide and subject to landslides, which then turns into a vertical of about 7mt and gives access to a gallery of lava flow.
After the visit, we will return on our steps, but if the guide it deems appropriate will add a bit of vivacity to the tour, using variants suited to your technical and physical skills; however, making sure that the maximum total duration of the tour (pedaling) is about 3 hours.
Technical specifications of the MTB tour: The difference in level not excessive, it would enable him to be entered in the category of Mountain Bike Easy tours, but this is not possible, because the route used for the return (in principle equal to the first leg) it is characterized by a climbing that, from the cave of Nunziata Mount up to the refuge of Palestra Mount, could put in trouble some cyclist not fully trained.We remind you that our MTB tours are usable ONLY with exclusive booking (we don’t perform tours of groups of people unrelated to each other), this means that the guide in charge of the service will not put any pressure on the timing. The elements indicated above are indicative and useful to make you aware of the difficulty of the trail.
We recommend this route to cyclists who want a MTB tour on the volcano Etna not too challenging, and who want to enjoy the scenarios that these places can offer, without necessarily going to the test.

Type of route: XC/Trail.
Path: Medium difficulty, 100% Off Road.
KM and duration of the Tour: Km 20/25 (approximately, based on the solutions adopted by the guide for the return, choice based mainly on your physical and technical abilities), total 5 hours (approx.), 2 hours (approximately) Pick-Up service to and from your hotel, and 3 hours max (approximately) of pedaled ride.
* € 65.00 – 1 participant (exclusive reservation of the Tour).
* € 50.00 – each person, for a minimum of 2 participants for a maximum of 4 participants (exclusive reservation of the Tour).
For more than 4 participants, quote on request.
20% discount on the cost of the Tour, with a minimum of 2 participants, only applicable to online reservations (E-Mail or WhatsApp) at least 15 days before the date chosen for the tour.
For other various discounts applicable, please contact us.
* Included in the price: Pick-Up service, certified MTB guide, Mountain Bike (FLAT pedals), helmet, backpack, wind jacket, water bottle (500ml), energy drink (500ml), energy bar and insurance coverage RC.
Pick-up/shuttle service, to and from your hotel included in the price (only for facilities adjacent to the Catanese).
If you can reach the starting point of the Tour independently and do not want to use the pick up service, contact us for a quote.
Does not include: Anything that is not specified under “Included in the price”.
Some extra services:
  • E-MTB (pedal assisted bike)
  • Lunches/Dinners
  • Tasting
  • Overnight stays
  • Tourist guide, naturalistic, alpine, vulcanological
For other extra services or customizations, please contact us.
We recommend: Technical/sports clothing suitable for mountain biking, trekking/tennis shoes (we also have the possibility to mount SPD pedals to give you the opportunity to use your technical cycling shoes, but the request must be made when booking), gloves, glasses sun or cycling, sunscreen (summer season).

Contact us at the following telephone numbers:
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WhatsApp: +39 3341970826 ita eng

Sicily MTB Tours

Sicily MTB Tours by Sicily Bike Tourist Service

Etna Mountain Bike Tours

Etna Mountain Bike Tours with Sicily Bike Tourist Service… Mountain Bike Guide Service on Etna volcano.

Sicily Bike Tourist Service, is keen to give the best by leaving nothing to chance, our MTB guides are all in possession of the technical requirements issued by AMI/UISP.
With our guides you will always benefit from a complete service.
Maps, compass, GPS, medical first aid kit, mechanical rescue of the vehicle (small mechanical interventions including punctures), and transceivers for large groups.
Cost only MTB guide service.
From 1 person to a maximum of 10 participants, € 60.00 (total price, to be divided by the number of participants) duration from 1 to 3 hours of service.
Beyond 3 hours, € 10.00 each additional hour of service.
RC insurance coverage included in the service, for all participants.
Possibility to request in conjunction with our MTB guides, also the help of guides: Tourist, naturalistic, alpine and volcanological.
Other extra services:
  • Shuttle/Pick-up
  • MTB/E-MTB rental
  • Energy kits
  • Lunches / Dinners
  • Tastings
  • Overnight stays
For “all inclusive” services visit our section: Sicily and Etna Bike Tours in Promotion.
Discover Etna in MTB with our certified Mountain Bike Guides
Etna Unesco Heritage which is a pity do not find out the typologies and the characteristics of its paths, never boring and never banal, morphological landscapes that will leave you amazed, places from the historical memories now part of the nature of the mountain, valleys with amazing colors, shelters dispersed in nature, trails immersed in the lava flows, centuries-old woods, exhilarating climbs and fast descents, at certain times you will feel like you are pedaling in another world. Among the silences of nature and the colors saturated with life, Etna will leave you breathless and all you had imagined… it will seem to you only a small part of what IS mother ETNA
Lava flows, lava sand, dirt roads, single track and many other types of trail different from everything and everyone… have made Etna a obligatory destination for “all” the real Bikers, and now it’s up to you discover its trails on a mountain bike.
There are many alternatives and possible solutions on the volcano Etna, contact us to better organize your Tour.
Information Etna volcano:
Height 3 343 m s.l.m.
Surface of 1265 km²
Diameter of over 40 kilometers
Basic perimeter of about 135 km

Etna Bike Tour

Lava gravel path, on the Etna volcano.

Etna and Sicily Bike Tours by Sicily Bike Tourist Service

Sicily and Etna Bike Tours

Sicily and Etna Bike Tours with Sicily Bike Tourist Service.

Sicilia e Etna Bike Tours in Promozione, è la sezione dedicata ai nostri Tour ed Escursioni in Mountain Bike e Cicloturistiche con formula all inclusive.

Mountain Biking: Escursioni e Tour in MTB sul vulcano Etna, sulla valle del Fiume Simeto e Alcantara.

Cicloturismo: Escursioni e Tour ciclistici alla conquista in bicicletta del vulcano Etna e delle strade e sterrate della nostra amata Sicilia, con particolare attenzione alla provincia Catanese ed alle zone limitrofe.
I nostri MTB e Cycling Tour, sono tutti con prenotazione esclusiva.
Cosa comprendono i bike tour in Promozione
Ogni servizio ciclistico in questa sezione comprende: Servizio navetta/pick-up (solo dove specificato), vitto e alloggio (solo dove specificato), guida ciclistica certificata, bici, casco, giacca a vento, zaino, acqua, kit energetico (con varie soluzioni, in base al tour scelto) e copertura assicurativa RC.
In fase di prenotazione, il committente potrà sempre personalizzare o incrementare ulteriormente, i servizi inclusi nei nostri MTB/Bike Tour ed Escursioni.
Orari di partenza dei nostri MTB/Bike Tour
Partenza MTB/Bike Tour mattina: 8.00/9.30 max.
Partenza MTB/Bike Tour pomeridiano (escluso periodo invernale e tour full day):14.00/15.30 max.
L’orario di rientro dai MTB/Bike Tour, cambia in base al MTB/Bike Tour scelto per la vostra escursione.
Con il personale di Sicily Bike Tourist Service si potranno stabilire anche degli orari diversi per la partenza dei MTB e Bike Tour, naturalmente senza alterare il normale svolgimento del tour scelto.

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