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Tour in E-Bike di tre giorni con Sicily Bike Tourist Service. Vulcano Etna, la valle del fiume Alcantara e del fiume Simeto.

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I’m Luca Platania, certified National Mountain Bike Guide and technical manager at Sicily Bike Tourist Service.

Since 1989 I have never stopped exploring my Sicily, by any means and in any way.

The motorcycle, the jeep, the MTB… are just some of the means that have allowed me to live and continue to live my true passion: exploration, from various points of view. This in the past has given me the opportunity to organize various offroad motorcycle events, as well as to write and photograph for various newspapers and websites in the offroad motorcycle sector.

Cycling… and therefore the bike, has been the normal evolution of my passion and my work, thus allowing me to continue to offer totally ecosustainable experiences in Sicily.

The tours and Cycle Tourism excursions, MTB or E-Bike on the Etna volcano that I propose, are the result of my experience and my passion, they are all periodically checked and improved, never leaving anything to chance, and guarantee various solutions, alternatives and degrees of difficulty.

My hobby? I ride alone with my gravel bike, continuing to explore my old and beloved Sicily… compass and map in hand, in the old way, as if time had never passed.

Sicily Bike Tourist Service was born in 2013, Rossella Tringale and I were among the first in Sicily to believe in this form of ecosustainable tourism, and today together with Stefania Platania of Enjoy Catania, we have further evolved, also offering different experiences from the usual tours by bike, but which will surely lead in the near future to a further evolution of our tourist services company.

We love to call ourselves artisans of tourism, because we are out of the usual mass tours, offering exclusive and reserved excursions and bike tours.

Because from our point of view, every cyclist has their own needs and characteristics, which can hardly be met and guaranteed with open groups and with clients strangers to each other. For this with us at Sicily Bike Tourist Service, you will surely find all the passion you are looking for, and the guarantee of an exclusive cycling experience.

We offer emotions, because… Sicily Bike Tourist Service is EMOTIONS!